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There has never been a better time to recruit, build a team, and find running buddies. Never. Never in my 45 years has “The Workforce” been so ready to find a higher quality of life, work from home, work from their RV, work from their VRBO, work from anywhere except a commuter’s cubicle.
4.3 Million people quit good jobs last month. 4.3 Million. Where are they? What are they doing? What do they want to do?

They don’t know it yet but they want to do what we are doing. They want freedom. They want fun. They want abundance. 

Yet just about every network marketing company is positioning themselves to alienate these people. Alienate them. When we are supposed to be attracting and enrolling them.
Is your team in momentum right now? Are you adding team builders? Are you finding those coveted Running Buddies that want what you want and are willing to do the work right now? 
If not you are doing it wrong.
This 90 minute coaching session could change everything for you. It has for thousands of other people. In fact, 88% of the people that acted on what I talk about in this webinar swear their teams launched into momentum.
It could be free. It could be $270. It could be $2,700. But it is $27. Because I know if you wont pay $27, you are not even remotely ready for what I am going to tell you in this message. Freedom is not free. Not anymore. Order it now. Watch it now. Implement it now.
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These Are Just A Couple Of Comments People, Just Like You, Made Last Week During Our Opening 90-Min Coaching Session of the Momentum Masterclass...

15:30:41 From Barbara Richmond:
Because of this plan he's talking about now, I was one of our company's top sponsors in May when taking this course the first time.

15:03:21 From Jeanine Lano:
This is THE BEST coaching/training I have EVER invested in, and I have the results to prove it WHEN I do the work. So worth the investment in YOU/YOUR team.

Your Coach - Richard Brooke

Richard has been a full-time Network Marketing sales leader, coach, and company owner since 1977. He built his own team of 30,000 people by the time he was 28 years old and went on to own his own Network Marketing company for 30 years. 

In addition, he has served on the Direct Selling Association Board of Directors and Ethics committee for many years. 

He has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and many others.

Richard speaks all over the world on Transformational Development, Listening and Self Motivation, Ethical Network Marketing, and Listening and Self Motivation. 

He is a best selling author of two of the most sought after Network Marketing books of all time The Four Year Career® and Mach 2 With Your Hair On Fire.

“Those On My Team That Took MMC Were Each Enrolling an Average of 2 New Team Members per Month! If You Understand Compounding Momentum, That’s HUGE!”

“Momentum Masterclass helped my team members become self-accountable, set & execute goals and they were each inviting people everyday! They started seeing results pretty quickly. By the end of the 60 day run, those on my team that took MMC were each enrolling an average of 2 team members per month and started teaching what they were learning to their teams, taking ownership of their business. If you understand compounding momentum, that’s HUGE!”
-Rachel Jamiro
7 Figure Network Marketer