How to Create Compounding Momentum By Focusing on the ONE THING Guaranteed to Help You Effortlessly & Authentically Bust Thru Ranks…
“My Last Momentum Masterclass Resulted in Stunning 88.46% of Students Successfully Creating Momentum in Their Business, Without Having to Become a Super Human Recruiter or Extroverted Sales Person”

"This is the Best Training in the Business of Network Marketing..."

"We have been leading groups of our team members through every training Richard has offered since May 2020. This is the best training in the business of network marketing that I have ever seen. We passionately believe that this training is the way to build a solid culture of recruiting recruiters while still loving and supporting those that are happy product users.”
— Bill & Carla Green, Networker Marketing Top Earners
21 Year NWM Pros & 7-Figure Annual Earners with $30-50 Million in Annual Team Sales

Enrollment Opens on September 21st, 2021

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Momentum Masterclass Enrollment Is Now Open...

“What Is Momentum Masterclass and
How Can It Help Me and My Team?”

-Richard Brooke

Momentum Masterclass is designed for new distributors looking to get started right, distributors who are stuck and larger team leaders who are looking to reignite the growth in their team, without using gimmicks, unsustainable strategies or hype.

For 60 days, we focus on the ONE THING proven to create consistent and compounding growth and the skills in support of doing the ONE THING.

While getting new customers is great and is part of how we get paid. Customers alone will not exponentially grow your business or give you leverage and time freedom.

Only the customers that decide to tell others about the products, i.e. team members or distributors, can do that.  

Exponential growth only comes from enrolling those that want to build their own teams.

In Momentum Masterclass I will be showing you and your team how to do the ONE THING and teach the skills that support doing this one thing, no matter how busy they may or may not be in their lives.

By doing this ONE THING once per day for 60 days, you will elevate yourself into the top 1/10 of 1% - literally one out of 1000!  

You’ll be able to launch yourself into the rarified air of the top sales leaders in your company using the principle of CONSISTENCY and NOT by trying to set recruiting records or trying to “enroll 30 people in 30 days”.

We focus on the ONE THING everyone on your team can do and inspire them to just do that and build skills to support them over 60 days. 


What would happen to your team growth if you just doubled the number of distributors enrolling someone every month? 

What would happen if that happened every month for the next 12 months?

Busting through ranks effortlessly is what would happen!

“What Does the Momentum Masterclass Include?”

Training Sessions Will Start on Tuesday October 5th, 2021
@ 2:30pm Hawaii / 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET

Training Sessions will be delivered to you ahead of LIVE Coaching.

LIVE sessions will be on every Tuesday Thereafter
Thru November 29th.
(recordings of all sessions will be made available within 24hrs)

9 Weekly 90-Minute Group Lessons with Richard Bliss Brooke

These training sessions will give you and your team the opportunity to learn the skills that helped my teams create exponential growth in my network marketing career as a team leader and company owner. 

In addition to skills, I will also be focusing on developing the person, enabling you to maintain consistency and compounding momentum, even when life gets in the way.

LIVE 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions with Richard

In addition to the training sessions, you’ll also be receiving LIVE group coaching session with Richard.

This will give me an opportunity to dive deep into the challenges you may encounter, how to problem solve quickly to maintain momentum, and answer your questions so you can stay on track. 

I’ll also give you insight into what I’ve seen work and not work over my career, so you can avoid making costly mistakes and stay in momentum.

Champion’s Chair 1-on-1 Coaching Opportunities with Richard

As part of the weekly LIVE Group Coaching, I will give students the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with me during these calls. 

This will be an opportunity you’ll be able to volunteer for or simply watch me work with another student on a specific problem, challenge or issue you may also be experiencing.

Private Momentum Masterclass Group

You’ll also be a part of a private online community of committed network marketers, leaders and top earners who will also be participating in the program, so you’ll be able to post questions 24/7 and get strategic support, as you run into challenges or have questions.

We often get the feedback that this alone is worth the investment in Momentum Masterclass, due to the caliber of people you’ll get to connect with.


Here’s What Past Students Have
Said About Momentum Masterclass...

Over 20 business recruits over 2 months.. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to do this in an authentic way!"
—Kät Taniberg
Revelstoke, British Columbia
"I found a new business partner, re-signed up 9 VIP clients... and registered 10 more VIP clients"

— Julia Night
Harlem, NY
"In April, I enrolled 1 new partner, 3 in May and 6 of my active consultants are now showing growth!"

— Barbara Richmond
 Walkerton, Ontario
 “I’ve rank advanced both times I’ve taken GMM. Look forward to taking more classes and bringing my team!”
—Marsha Jackson
Horseheads, New York

"I was able to sign up more people during the challenge then I did the previous year"

—James Lam
 Milan, IL
“In the Past 8 Weeks, I’ve Done 30 Presentations, Enrolled 10 New Customers. Which Is More Than I’ve Had In The Past 1.5yrs!”
—Dean Walters
Fort Myers, Florida
 “Nothing Short of Phenomenal! 6 Business Builders Enrolled In The Last 8 Weeks After Being Stuck For 3 Years! If You’re Looking for a Jump Start, This is for You!”
—Dinah Salong
Cervantes, Ilocos Region, Philippines
"Game Changer! I Saw the Compounding Effect of Doing the ‘Asks’ Every Day and I’ve Had So Many More Enrollments Than I Would Normally Have!"

—Jesca Maas
Noosa, Queensland
“Had No Idea It Would be This Simple. During the Past 60 Days, I’ve Done 30 Presentations and Enrolled 13 New People in my Business! I Cannot Wait to Do It Again!”
—Katie McCabe
Meridian, Idaho

Here's What You’ll Be Learning During the
Weekly Lessons from Richard...

1) Compounding Consistency

  • You will learn my Secret Formula, IN-DEPTH, which has helped thousands network marketers create compounding growth
  • You will learn how applying the Secret Formula will help you join the ranks of the top 1/10th of 1% in your company in 60 days
  • You’ll learn the best and easiest way to create team duplication

2) Becoming an Authentic Networker

  • Learn how to expertly connect with others to authentically grow your network.
  • How to ask the right questions so your prospects know you really care and how to be present in every conversation.
  • Discover the key difference between opening people vs. “closing” them, so you can avoid feeling and being viewed as a pushy salesperson.
  • ​See how you can authentically invite by being straight and candid, without being “salesy” or “pushy”.
  • ​Learn how to speak to the things which are important to your prospect, educate them in a way that attracts them to what you offer.
  • ​Protect your relationships and not scare away friends and family, by learning how to honor the “no”.

3) 7 Keys To Succeed in Network Marketing

  • The secret to self-motivation and maintaining consistency and why nothing else will matter if you don’t unlock this in yourself
  • Learn how to develop discipline around small single daily actions, which will make a massive difference in your growth and success.
  • If you’re having trouble with consistency and discipline, you probably have the wrong plan. Here’s how to create the right plan, which you can commit and stick to every day.
  • ​The Sacred Time Method: How to eliminate distractions - even if you have a family with kids - so you can be productive and consistent everyday.
  • ​You will learn how to leverage the most important part of the ‘Secret Formula’, so you can create momentum, even if your days are hectic.
  • ​“The Champion”: How to leverage a basic instinct all humans are hardwired to follow, to keep you productive and accountable - even when you don’t feel like it
  • ​“Sharpening the Axe”: How taking 5 minutes to “debrief”, will help you increase productivity, improve your skills and help you recover more of your time

4) Casting A Compelling and Authentic Invite

  • Learn how to identify quality prospects and authentically invite them in a compelling way, which attracts them to what you offer.
  • How to prepare your “state of mind”, before prospecting or inviting, so you don’t come off as salesy or desperate.
  • The right state of mind, actually helps make the invite authentic, natural and should make it smoother and easier to do
  • ​Discover the 10 “qualifying questions” you should ask before inviting, to align the needs & desires of your prospects with your product or opportunity. Do this right, and everything else will seem easy.

5) How to Follow Up with the Ghosters

  • Here you will get my scripts that have worked for 45 years, which will teach you how to approach the ghoster to encourage a response.
  • I will show you how the scripts work and why they work so you can use them authentically and adapt them to your voice.
  • Avoid the mistakes most networkers make, when following up with ghosters, which causes them to lose out on quality prospects

6) How to Follow Up with the No’s

  • Learn how to re-approach from a different angle that will help them see the benefit of your product or opportunity, without being pushy.
  • How to get every prospect to want you to stay in touch.
  • Here’s what you can send them, which will draw them closer to you, instead of repelling them away.
  • ​Why “No’s” can be some of your best prospects and how to re-connect with them authentically.
  • ​Get samples of what you might send to your “No’s” to get them interested.

7) How and Why to Keep Track with a StatTracker

  • Discover why networkers who are not tracking their activity and stats are actually limiting and sabotaging their growth.
  • Learn what to key things you need to track to help increase your sales and recruit more team members.
  • How to use a stat tracker to evaluate your progress, make adjustments to your plan and gauge growth you can expect, even if you are not making money yet.

8) Crafting Your Compelling and Compliant Story

  • How to combine your product and opportunity story into one, so you can simplify your story and appeal to potential customers or business builders at the same time.
  • Learn the 4 steps to crafting a compelling story that does the telling and selling for you.
  • See how you can use your story as a “fly under the radar” offer, that compels people to want take the next step as a customer and/or team member.

9) How to Present Network Marketing So People “Get It”

  • You’ll learn why you don’t need to hide that you are a network marketer with your prospects.
  • Discover my 3-step process for getting people excited about network marketing, buying into the business model and want to learn more about what you are doing.
  • How every single customer you get, can recommend the product from day one and help expand your network quickly.
  • ​See why you don’t need to recruit superstar professional sales people. Here’s how to turn real authentic regular people on your team into natural viral growth through stories.

10) How to Recruit Your Customers to Auto-ship & Naturally Convert Auto-ships into Business Builders

  • Why nurturing, growing and retaining a happy and loyal group of customers is the key to creating a steadily flow of new builders.
  • How to nurture customers relationships so they can see a bigger vision for themselves and when & how to convert them to builders.
  • You will learn how to leverage their love for the products to find them new customers so they can see the income potential.

11) Leapfrogging: My Secret Weapon for Enrolling

  • How to overcome the #1 reason prospects say ‘No’.
  • Here’s how you can get your prospects to say “YES” 3 times and engage in creating a bigger vision for themselves.
  • Discover how “leapfrogging” connects with your prospects existing beliefs and uses that to help you have a powerful prospecting conversation.
  • ​Learn how to help them start believing in not only network marketing, but themselves!.

12) Waking Up the Leader Within and In Others

  • I will help you develop skills and traits all leaders must have in order to be successful.
  • The other ONE THING all leaders do daily to 10X the probability of success.
  • Learn how to quantify your team’s growth potential (i.e. what are you on track to achieve/earn in the future), by tracking this one key activity in your team.
  • ​You will learn how to identify and awaken more leaders in your team, to accelerate your team’s growth and have true leverage.

13) Listening Through Objections

  • How to honor your prospects objection so they feel heard and understood without buying into the objection or accepting it.
  • How to embrace and fall in love with the objection, so you don’t panic or come off as defensive.
  • Discover my process for digging deeper, articulate the objection better than they do so your prospect truly feels that you care about them.
  • ​Learn to turn objections into opportunities to address their fear or frustration and purge the emotion that is creating their objection.
  • ​I’m going to share the simple question you can ask, which will cause the prospect to grant me permission to deal with their objection.
  • ​Address objections with facts, passion, perspective, confidence, humility and stories without making your prospect wrong

14) How to Onboard a New Team Member Correctly

  • How to motivate your new team members by helping them to develop a game plan they can commit to without overwhelming them.
  • Learn to understand their short term and long term goals to help them customize their plan and motivate them to dream bigger.
  • You will learn how to step into a position of leadership with your team members.
  • ​Avoid the huge, yet very common mistake most leaders make, by NOT doing this one tiny thing - which literally takes seconds to do - yet will sabotage their growth and team culture.
  • Why trying to ease the burden and responsibility of your leaders is the opposite of what you need to do, in order to help them grow.

15) Where Do We Go From Here?

  • How to maintain momentum and run through your rank, even after the Momentum Masterclass has ended.
  • You will have clarity on the steps you need to take to get to your next rank and achieve your long term goals.
  • You will learn how to motivate your team. Inspire them to invite. Build their belief that people WILL enroll.



We’d love for you to make the commitment today, which is why I am willing to make the decision for you to enroll in Momentum Masterclass right now a no brainer with these exclusive bonuses!

The retail price of these BONUSES alone are worth well more than the tuition for the LIVE Momentum Masterclass Program!


The Science of Goal Setting ($47 Value)

This 40 minute lesson, which I actually recorded at a friend’s house in a bathroom - “The Bathroom Webinar” - is the very best training I’ve ever done on how to design goals in a way that will make you 100 times more likely to achieve them, than how everyone else sets goals and why they fail.

In this training you will learn…
  • Discover Type of Goal Which Can Leave You Prone to Distractions and Cause You to Not Achieve Them
  • The Absolute First Thing You Need to Know, Before Setting Any Goal - No Matter How Big or Small
  • The Biggest Mistake People Make When Setting & Describing Their Goals, Which Will Cause You to Stay Stuck
  • ​How to Set Goals So You Always Know Whether or Not You are On Track and are Able to Re-adjust as You Go
  • ​How to Know Whether or Not You are Setting Goals that are TOO BIG and Won’t Work
  • Why Setting Goals That are TOO SMALL are Counterproductive and Demotivating
  • ​How to Make Sure Your Goals Don’t Negatively Impact Another Area of Your Life
  • ​The One Feature of Properly Set Goals, Which Has ZERO to Do with the Details of the Goal, But Critical to Achieving It
  • ​In Addition to Goals, Learn What Else You Will Need to Do Everyday to Guarantee Success Which Most People Miss


30-Day Mustivation Plan ($47 Value)

My 30-Day “Mustivation” Plan is a 75 minute lesson on how to transform yourself and your life over the next 30-60 days using a simple yet powerful motivational tool called “micro-visions”.

Here’s what you will learn…
  • Discover the 11 Truths, Which Will Shatter Beliefs That Don’t Serve You and Create an Opening for Transformation & Getting Results
  • Why We Already Know What We Have To Do to Be Successful But Why We Don’t Do It
  • Why Visions Which are Big and Incredible (i.e. Mansions, Cars, Travel, etc.) Don’t Work on Their Own and Just Serve to Overwhelm Us
  • ​Micro-Visions: How to Achieve Big Powerful Visions & Life Altering Goals, By Doing This One Simple Thing Everyday
  • ​How to Redefine Success, So That You are Happy and Motivated Everyday, Even Before You’ve Manifested Your Vision
  • The Types of DREAM Visions Most People Create, Which Will Likely Keep You Stuck, Frustrated and Unhappy - Even If You Get Results
  • ​How to Become Addicted to Doing the Things We Need to Do - Everyday - Which Will Propel Us Towards are Dreams, Effortlessly


BONUS #3: The Business Plan ($97 Value)

In this 52 minute lesson, I will show you how to create a business plan for your network marketing business - just like a real business would - and design it so it motivates and causes you to do the work!

Here’s what’s included.
  • Learn the 7 Questions You Will Need to Answer Before You Create a Business Plan, To Set You Up to Win
  • The 4 Key Metrics Successful Network Marketers Measure to Track Progress, Make Adjustments and Ensure Income Goals are Hit
  • The 1 Metric Most Network Marketer Never Track, But Will Actually Give You the Most Leverage and Income, If You Track and Get It to Go Up!
  • ​The 3 Things Which Will Increase the Rate of Success and Minimize the Amount of Effort It Will Take to Hit Your Income Goals
  • ​How to Create a Life Changing Income in Network Marketing, Doing Only 30 Minutes of Results Oriented Work per Day


Aces in Action ($47 Retail Value)

Learn these 2 assets and you could unleash permanent flurry of enthusiasm for talking to people about tour opportunity. —That's right.

Imagine if you could get yourself and keep yourself on fire about talking to people regardless of their response. Imagine if you could get even more on fire every time someone said NO!


Authentic Inviting Workshop ($97 Value)

The most critical activity that will drive growth in your business is hands down, inviting people to take a look at your product or opportunity. But too often, how networkers are taught to do this is deceptive, scripted and inauthentic. In this training, I spend 70 minutes doing a deep dive on Authentic Inviting!

Here’s what you’ll learn…
  • Why Most People Don’t Want to Do Network Marketing and How to Overcome That Objection Authentically!
  • The Types of Prospecting Approaches Which Repel and Annoy People and What To Do Instead (Lacking Results? You’re Probably Using One of These)
  • How to Authentically Approach Your Warm Market So They Feel Honored and Respected, Yet Intrigued By What You’re Sharing
  • ​How to Craft a Powerful 60 Second Story, Which Will Cause Your Prospects to Want to Learn More About What You’re Doing
  • ​Discover a Powerful Tool Designed to Get Prospects Excited About Network Marketing and Mitigate Skepticism
  • How to Leverage the Cold Marketing WITHOUT Cold Marketing Prospecting Strangers with Scripts, Cheesy Lines and Deception
  • ​Learn the 8 Steps to Becoming an Authentic Networker, Get Your Team Excited About Enrolling and Propelling Your Business Into Momentum!


The Secret Formula ($97 Retail Value)

This lesson shatters the ‘dirty little secret’ almost every network marketing trainer doesn’t want you to know about building a big business.

What’s that secret? It’s simple… you DO NOT need to become a “monster sponsor” or “recruit 30 people in 30 days” to be wildly successful in network marketing.  There’s a much simpler way, which is taught in my Secret Formula 40 minute training.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the Secret Formula…
  • The Compounding Math, Which Proves How Exponential Growth in Network Marketing is Driven by Something Everyone on Your Team Can Do Regardless of Time Constraints
  • Learn a Simple 3 Step Process, Which Will Shorten Your Recruiting Learning Curve and Help You Master Authentic Inviting in 90 Days or Less
  • The 1 Metric Most Network Marketer Never Track, But Will Actually Give You the Most Leverage and Income, If You Track and Get It to Go Up!
  • How to Get a $2,857.14 Return on Every Person You Invite to “Just Take a Look” (Not Sponsor, Just Invite!)
  • Discover the # of Enrollments per Month You Need to Get Into Massive Momentum (FYI, It’s Much Smaller Than 30! LOL)

“What is the Tuition for Momentum Masterclass?”

I have been a full-time Network Marketing sales leader and company owner for 45 years.

Four years ago, I sold my Network Marketing company to a two-billion dollar company.  Prior to owning that company, I built my own team of 30,000 active distributors and hundreds of thousands of customers, by the time I was 28 years old.  I have personally enrolled thousands of distributors, either for myself or my teammates.  45 years of experience is worth something.

What is it worth to you?  What would it be worth to get yourself and your team back into momentum?  What would it feel like to have personally enrolled 4–5 new Business Builders?  What would it feel like to see your sales grow and envision a new rank on the horizon, where it feels like achievement is inevitable?

If you do the work I coach you to do, if you will study and practice, if you will trust my experience, if you will trust the business model, and if you will trust yourself … this program could be worth thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions.  It could.  My coaching has created that kind of success for others.

Momentum Masterclass is only $297 USD.  It is reasonably priced for you, the up-and-coming leader, the brand-new builder, the struggler, the grinder and the future top leader of our profession. You could earn that back by the end of the class.

And then ... you could compound your return over the next year, four years and your entire career. You could get a 100% return, a 1,000% return or even a 10,000% return.  What kind of return are you getting on that $297 USD now?

Sales leaders and company owners invest $1,500 an hour for one-on-one coaching with me to learn how to double their incomes. You are going to get me LIVE for over a duration of 25+ hours throughout the course.  That comparison makes Momentum Masterclass worth over $37,500.

Is your Vision, your “why,” worth $297 USD? Are YOU worth it?

Enrollment Opens on: September 21st, 2021

Got Questions? Contact Customer Support at

Get Enrolled Today


I Look Forward to Coaching and Supporting You!
Richard Bliss Brooke
P.S. Here is how to double, triple, or 10x your return on the Momentum Masterclass Program... bring your team with you! Attending alone is priceless, but bringing 4–5 of your best leaders and rest of your team is a moonshot move. A quantum leap in synergy, brilliance and compounding transformation throughout your organization. Plus, it is WAY MORE FUN!

Frequently Asked Questions

What days and times are the sessions? 
By popular demand, this Momentum Masterclass will be delivered in a new format. We understand that sometimes you cannot make it to some of the training sessions at the regularly scheduled time. So we are going to make available each training module ahead of time for you to study before the LIVE Coaching session with Richard.

LIVE Coaching Sessions will be Tuesdays 5:30 pm PST.
How long are the sessions?
The LIVE coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes.

Pre-recorded training modules (video and PDF presentation) to be uploaded within the Facebook Group, in Guides, under the Training section, every week.

You'll have the opportunity to complete on your own time BEFORE the next LIVE coaching session.
Will the sessions be recorded and when will the recordings be available?
All LIVE sessions will be recorded and uploaded into the Facebook Group, in Guides, under LIVE Sessions, within 24 hours.

Where is the the private community      group?
We will have a Private Facebook Group, dedicated for this program. Facebook brings together online courses, memberships and more to create a thriving community.

(888) 665-8484 /  P.O. Box 630964, Lanai, Hawaii 96763