Achieve Maximum Results Without using gimmicks, unsustainable strategies, or hype.
What you need to know about Momentum Masterclass
First Session Starts on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022
@ 3:30pm HT / 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET

All Training and Coaching Sessions will be delivered LIVE!
Sessions will be held every Monday and Tuesday thru March 8th.

You can spend a lot more ... thousands more, tens of thousands more and get far, far less ... or virtually nothing that helps YOU. 
Or ... you can invest $347 USD and get this:
TWO 90-minute LIVE sessions per week. One session is filled with content ... content you may have never heard before. My distinctions and ways of seeing the build are unique. They are different. They will wake you up. You will have constant AHA moments. The second session is Coaching … LIVE one-on-one coaching with participants, in a group setting. You may learn more from watching me coach someone else than even from me coaching you directly. You will have breakthroughs. Yes, 90-minute sessions sound long ... and they are. But get this ... 95% of the participants stay glued (and engaged) to the sessions for the whole 90-minutes. I wonder why ...?
A private community filled with celebration, brainstorming, ideas, Q and A and additional assets (videos, articles, infographics, sample messaging, blogs, etc), which you can use to to inspire your prospects and team.
Your own personal Champion. Everyone is paired up with one or two (sometimes even three) other participants to Champion you. These are your "running buddies" (is what I like to call them). They are your Mastermind Group. They will help keep you focused and having fun.
Your own One-Minute Miracle story (either by video and/or written down). One of the most important things I do, is coach you to create YOUR STORY. Your Compelling and totally Compliant story on video (and/or written down) … that is just one-minute long. This is your most potent prospecting tool. This is what you will use to ask people to “Just Take a Look” at. It is a Game Changer!
Your Stat Tracker. Tracking your stats catapults you to the top of your class. Not the top 1% ... those people don't even keep their stats. Not even the top 1/10 of 1%. We are talking "rarified air" here. You will be one out of 5,000 and your income will reflect it.
The RB Annual Report. This is one of my secret weapons. You will learn how to design it, review it and use it to laser focus your efforts for 10x results.
But the most important thing you will do is "The One Thing". You will be keeping the main thing the "Main Thing" and the one thing "The ONLY Thing". You will be asking people to "Just Take a Look", every day. And it will take you less than 15-minutes a day ... AND you will actually enjoy it!
Who will you talk to?
What about everyone that has already said "No"?
What do I say to them?

How do I get motivated again?
How do I get my team motivated again?

Where do I find prospects?
How do I stay organized?

How do I communicate to my team?

How do I tell my story when I am stuck?
All these plus 100+ more questions will be answered. You will not find anyplace to hide in Momentum MasterclassEvery nook and cranny of your business will have a floodlight shining on it. 


The Growth Students Are Experiencing

Watch full testimonial videos by clicking on the image below.

“Had No Idea It Would be This Simple. During the Past 60 Days, I’ve Done 30 Presentations and Enrolled 13 New People in my Business! I Cannot Wait to Do It Again!”

Katie McCabe
Meridian, Idaho
Young Living

“In the Past 8 Weeks, I’ve Done 30 Presentations, Enrolled 10 New Customers. Which Is More Than I’ve Had In The Past 1.5yrs!”

Dean Walters
Fort Myers, Florida

 “Nothing Short of Phenomenal! 6 Business Builders Enrolled In The Last 8 Weeks After Being Stuck For 3 Years! If You’re Looking for a Jump Start, This is for You!”

Dinah Salonga
Cervantes, Ilocos Region, Philippines
Young Living

"I was able to sign up more people during the 60-day challenge than the previous year"

James Lam
Milan, Illinois

"Game Changer! I Saw the Compounding Effect of Doing the ‘Asks’ Every Day and I’ve Had So Many More Enrollments Than I Would Normally Have!"

Jesca Maas
Noosa, Queensland

“I’ve rank advanced both times I’ve taken GMM. Look forward to taking more classes and bringing my team!”

Marsha Jackson
Horseheads, New York

Are YOU And your "why", Worth it?

Momentum Masterclass is designed for 2 types of sales leaders.  

The first are the ones that are stuck or struggling to enroll a team. Maybe you are new to the business. Maybe you have been at it for years. 

And the second leader type are those of you that have a sizable team … that are stuck. 
You have more people falling off auto-ship than you have enrolling. Sales are declining. 
You are not sure how to get your team enrolling again.
Is this you?   

Are you tired of the hype, tired of the “challenges”, tired of the urgency, 
tired of the "go, go, go" only to end up, just tired?

Are you tired of the manipulation, scripts, sales tactics that are just ... not you?   

Are you tired of hearing from 7-figure earners about how “they did it”, 
knowing in your heart, that most of it is total BS?
I am too.  

My clients are as well.  

We resonate with a different way of being. 
We want to create a sustainable, fun, organic way of promoting our products and opportunity. 
 We want our friends to stay our friends and our family to honor and support our business.
We don’t want to alienate people.  
We want to have fun.  
We want to build our team in a way that others will see us and say, “I CAN DO THAT”.
It is those four words, that create Duplication. 
Not speed. Not hustle. Not investing thousands in hyped up programs.  

We need to build in a way that our friends and family say … ”I CAN do that” or “I WILL do that”. 
And that does not include being a social media phenom or 
someone that feels the need to badger people by telling them what they should do.

Your Coach - Richard Brooke

Richard has been a full-time Network Marketing sales leader, coach, and company owner since 1977. He built his own team of 30,000 people by the time he was 28 years old and went on to own his own Network Marketing company for 30 years. 

In addition, he has served on the Direct Selling Association Board of Directors and Ethics committee for many years. 

He has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and many others.

Richard speaks all over the world on Transformational Development, Listening and Self Motivation, Ethical Network Marketing, and Listening and Self Motivation. 

He is a best selling author of two of the most sought after Network Marketing books of all time The Four Year Career® and Mach2 With Your Hair On Fire.

Momentum Masterclass is different.

For one, I produce measurable results … 
for 88% of all participants. 

If you do the program you most likely will enroll more people, 
perhaps more than you ever have.  
If you continue the program, even after it is over, you will certainly create the Momentum you long for and so will your team.

Secondly, I do it in a way that you and your team feels ... "at home". 

We feel real. 
We feel in integrity.  
We feel safe.  
We have fun and ...

We learn an amazing amount of new ways of "seeing" and 
"being" a successful Brand Ambassador.

Pricing for New Students

$347 USD

So what say you?  

Are you ready for a refresh?  
Are you ready to relax?  
Are you ready to do a "Fun Run"?
If you have $347 USD somewhere, it is probably earning you about $3 a month, an 8% annual return.  

What a waste. 
Invest it in you.  

Invest it in the greatest opportunity on earth … you and your Network Marketing opportunity.  

You could quite simply get a 100% annual return, just by earning $35 more a month ... 
or a 1,000% return, by earning an extra $350 a month.  

Invest in you.  

You are worth it.  
Your dreams are worth it.  
Your family is worth it.
Bring your team. 

You doing Momentum Masterclass is awesome.

You AND your builders doing it, with you, is 100x awesome.   

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Make 2022 Your Breakout Year.

First Session Starts on Tuesday, January 18th 
@ 3:30pm HT / 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET
All Training and Coaching Sessions will be delivered LIVE!
Sessions will be held every Monday and Tuesday thru March 8th.
(888) 665-8484 /  P.O. Box 630964, Lanai, Hawaii 96763